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Filter_1Adsorption Dryers Pre and After Filter

Adsorption dryers are designed specifically for the removal of water vapour, and not liquid water, water aerosols, oil, particulates or micro-organisms. With CompAir’s compressed air pre and after filtration the removal of these contaminants is guaranteed and air quality in accordance with ISO 8573-1: 2010 can be delivered.

Compressed air filters are now recognised as being an integral part of the dryer system. Dust, dirt and oil mist filtration is common enough today. CompAir emphasises not only the filtration efficiency but importantly links this to energy costs in terms of low pressure differential, product consistency and reliability.

Filter Housing

Housings with threaded connection from G ¼ to G2 ½”, DIN EN ISO228 (BSPP)
High grade aluminium casting
Alochromed internally and externally to prevent corrosion
Epoxyd powder coated to ensure top quality protective finish

Flanged housings DN 80 to DN 250, DIN EN 1092-1
Welded mild steel vessels
Sand blasted, cleaned and degreased
Polyester primed internally and externally
Acrylic paint outside

Key Benefits

  • High quality filtration
    CompAir compressed air pre and after filtration is validated according to ISO12500 and delivers air quality in accordance with ISO 8573-1 : 2010.
  • High quality housings
    Both the flanged housings and housings with threaded connection types are built to the highest quality standards thanks to the attention to quality surface treatment.
  • 10 year guarantee on filter housings
    CompAir offers a 10 year guarantee on the filter housings

Technical Data

See the ATX A Range or the A TVTT Range for technical data for the AF-Series adsorption dryers pre and after filters.

CompAir Adsorption Compressed Air Dryers Brochure 
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