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CompAir A RS Adsorption DryersA RS Range
Heat Regenerative Thermal Swing Adsorption Dryers

CompAir’s range of heat regenerative thermal swing adsorption dryers – with an operating pressure of 4 – 13 bar g – use the thermal swing adsorption method of drying compressed air. This method increases operating efficiency by reducing purge air consumption.

To reduce the amount of purge air required, heat is added to assist the process. Two heater assemblies are strategically placed in each dryer column to heat the purge air, optimizing regeneration. The heaters are switched on after the column has de-pressurised to additionally reduce energy consumption.

The combination of dry purge air and heat, uses less energy to remove the water from the saturated desiccant bed than is consumed by purge air alone.

Pre- and after- filter are included with the A RS range adsorption dryers from CompAir.

Energy saving dew point control and an advanced energy saving electronic control system are both optional extras with this range of adsorption dryers.

Key Benefits

  • Increased operating efficiency
    The thermal swing adsorption method increases operating efficiency by reducing purge air consumption.
  • High air quality
    Delivered air quality is in accordance with ISO 8573-1 : 2010.
  • Consistent dew point performance
    Continuous and consistent dew point performance are just two of the benefits realised with CompAir’s adsorption dryers, thanks to the snowstorm filling technique used to charge the drying chambers with absorbent desiccant material.
  • Low noise level
    With low noise levels, the CompAir adsorption dryers are ideal for point of use applications as well as in a compressor room.

Technical Data

  Type**  Capacity*
Dimensions mm
(W x H x D)
Inlet & Outlet
EN ISO 228-1
bar (g)
  A040RS 3.96 321 1578 717 G 2″ 10.5 150 CF132G2″C CF132G2″EHT
  A080RS 7.93 321 1578 947 G 2″ 10.5 245 CF132G2″C CF132G2″EHT
  A120RS 11.89 321 1578 1177 G 2 1/2″ 10.5 325 CF240G21/2″C CF240G21/2″EHT
  A160RS 15.86 321 1578 1407 G 2 1/2″ 10.5 440 CF240G21/2″C CF240G21/2″EHT
  A190RS 19.82 321 1578 1637 G 2 1/2″ 10.5 565 CF240G21/2″C CF240G21/2″EHT

Electric connection 415 V / 3 +neutral / 50 − 60 Hz
*) Relating to ISO 7183, A: 1 bar(a), ambient temperature +25°C, inlet temperature + 35 °C, saturated, at 7 bar g and pressure dew point − 25 °C.
**) Pre- and after filter are not factory mounted

CompAir Modular System Adsorption Compressed Air Dryers Brochure 
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