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FXS-Series_1Refrigerant Compressed Air Dryers
FXS Series 0.5-1.6 m3/min


Ideal for low volume applications, the FXS series of refrigerant compressed air dryers from CompAir, produce pure, clean and dry compressed air from a simple, yet robust and sophisticated refrigerant dryer design.


Dependable high quality compressed air is assured with the FXS series thanks to excellent dew point performance under all conditions. These models are ideal for point of use applications such as in hospitals and laboratories as they are both quiet in operation and have a small footprint. A static condenser and waste heat recovery system further ensures an energy efficient solution with the lowest operating costs.


For flow capacities up to 1.6 m3/min the FXS series models are pure and simple!


Key Benefits


  • Low operating costs
    With no noisy cooling fan the static condenser is virtually maintenance free and contributes to the low operating costs of the FXS series refrigerant compressed air dryers.
  • Compact & Quiet
    With a compact design and low noise levels, the FX series are ideal for use in applications such as in hospitals and laboratories.
  • Simplified operation
    The dimensions of the FXS series of refrigerant compressed air dryers are reduced through the use of a static condenser design. This not only eliminates the need for a cooling fan but also simplifies the refrigerant dryer operation.



Technical Data


  Model Flow Capacity
Total Power
Power Supply
(VAC 50hz)
(L x W x H)
(Male BSP)
  FXS05 0.5 0.2 230/1 R134A 382 x 320 x 320 DN15 20
   FXS10 1.0 0.3 568 x 368 x 394 DN20 32
  FXS13 1.3 0.4 568 x 368 x 394 DN20 32
  FXS16 1.6 0.6 568 x 500 x 500 DN20 44


The performance of the dryer (pressure dew point, power consumption, pressure drop etc.) depends mainly on the volume flow and pressure of the compressed air to be dried and the condenser refrigerant temperature.
(1)Measured and stated in accordance with ISO 1217 Annex C at the following conditions: Operating Pressure 7 bar, Air Intake Temperature 35°C, Ambient Temperature 25°C, Outlet Dewpoint 3°C.


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