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FXT-Series_1Refrigerant Compressed Air Dryers
FXT Series 24.0-90.1 m3/min


The FXT series refrigerant compressed air dryers will continue saving you money year after year, thanks to an advanced stainless steel heat exchanger and low maintenance design.


For absolute control, monitoring and diagnostics on the FXT series models, the System Control Monitor II can be incorporated. This LED display provides key information such as chiller inlet and discharge refrigerant temperatures.


Offering outstanding electrical power savings and reduced operating costs, the FXT series refrigerant compressed air dryers are the ultimate energy efficient refrigerant dryer solution.


Key Benefits


  • Long term performance
    Durable and thermally efficient, the stainless steel brazed plate heat exchanger, is corrosion resistant and ensures air quality and long term performance.
  • Environmentally friendly
    Energy efficient operation and the use of ozone friendly refrigerants reduce the FXT series refrigerant compressed air dryers, environmental impact.
  • User friendly
    The FXT series has an integral LED display controller designed to provide fully automatic operation, optimising energy usage by intuitively adapting to system needs.
  • Robust design
    The FXT series of refrigerant compressed air dryers have been built with quality components, housed in an epoxy galvanised steel cabinet.


Technical Data


  Model  Flow Capacity
Total Power
Power Supply
(VAC 50hz)
(L x W x H)
(ANSI 150)
  FXT240 24.0 4.5 400/3 R407C 1470 x 750 x 1400 DN80 285
  FXT314 31.4 6.1 1470 x 750 x 1400 DN100 400
  FXT375 37.5 7.6> 1470 x 750 x 1400 DN100> 440
  FXT451 45.1 8.6 1582 x 860 x 1600 DN100 850
  FXT600 60.0 9.5 1682 x 1050 x 1800 DN150 1000
  FXT750 75.0 10.3 1682 x 1050 x 1800 DN150 1050
  FXT901 90.1 11.8 1682 x 1050 x 1800 DN150 1100


The performance of the dryer (pressure dew point, power consumption, pressure drop etc.) depends mainly on the volume flow and pressure of the compressed air to be dried and the condenser refrigerant temperature.
(1)Measured and stated in accordance with ISO 1217 Annex C at the following conditions: Operating Pressure 7 bar, Air Intake Temperature 35°C, Ambient Temperature 25°C, Outlet Dewpoint 3°C.


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