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CompAir Öwamat Oil Water SeparatorsÖwamat Oil Water Separators

For economic, technical and legal reasons, anyone who runs compressed air equipment, must control and treat condensate. The Öwamat oil water separators available from CompAir, efficiently, reliably and cost effectively separate oil from the compressed air condensate. The final result is purified water suitable for discharge directly into most sewer systems. Key Benefits

  • Cost effective Öwamat oil water separators are known for their superior cost effectiveness. They incur no energy costs and require only low maintenance.
  • Operator friendly Thanks to an operator friendly cartridge technology, the Öwamat oil water separators are simple to handle, enabling quick and clean replacement of the cartridges with minimised waste and easy disposal.
  • Reliable operation The newly designed pressure relief chamber with non-turbulent condensate conduction and the overflow protected oil receiver have further enhanced the overall operational reliability of the Öwamat oil water separators.
  • Easy to service The lightweight cartridge on the Öwamat oil water separators is easy to change making service simple.

Technical Data

Öwamat® 10 Öwamat® 12 Öwamat® 14 Öwamat® 15 Öwamat® 16
Container volume 10 l 30.6 l 61.3 l 115.5 l 228.4 l
Filling volume with preseparator 22.7 l 46.3 l 84.3 l 158.8 l
Filling volume without preseparator 4.3 l 20.3 l 41.5 l 72.5 l 137.2 l
Condensate inflow (hose) 2 x G1/2 (di=10mm) 3 x G1/2 (di=10mm) 3 x G1/2 (di=10mm) 3 x G1/2 (di=13mm) 3 x G1/2 (di=13mm)
1 x G1 (di=25mm) 1 x G1 (di=25mm) 1 x G1 (di=25mm) 1 x G1 (di=25mm)
Water outflow (hose) G1/2 (di=10mm) G1/2 (di=13mm) G1 (di=25mm) G1 (di=25mm) G1 (di=25mm)
Oil outflow DN 25 DN 25 DN 40 DN 40
Oil collector 2 x 51 2 x 51 2 x 101 2 x 201
Weight empty 13.5 kg 18.5 kg 36.5 kg 53 kg
Weight empty without preseparator 3,5 kg 12 kg 16 kg 32 kg 42 kg
Min./max. temperature +5 to +60oC
Max. operating pressure at inlet 16 bar
Prefilter 2.5 l 2.5 l 6.7 l 18.5 l 36.5 l
Main jet 2.0 l 5.4 l 10.4 l >202. l 40.3 l


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