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CompAir L110 rotary screw compressorsFixed & Variable Speed Rotary Screw Compressors
L Series 160-250 kW

Industries, both large and small, rely on CompAir rotary screw compressors for a supply of consistently high quality compressed air. The L series oil-injected rotary screw compressors are no exception, setting the highest standards in reliable, economical and efficient operation.

Screw compression elements are manufactured in-house using the latest CNC rotor grinding machinery, coupled with on-line laser technology, in order to maintain precise manufacturing tolerances. The resulting reliability and performance ensure that operating costs will remain low throughout the compressor’s life.

The L160 to L250 rotary screw compressors are available with a fixed or variable speed motor. The variable speed drive models (LV160 to LV250) are the ideal option where the demand for compressed air changes. The LV series optimizes energy usage by matching output to actual demand for a highly energy efficient compressed air solution.

Key Benefits

  • Optimised energy consumption
    A high efficiency IP55 EFF1 motor along with a premium efficiency airend reduces power costs and energy consumption for optimal energy efficiency.
  • Low noise levels
    Sound insulation and an intelligent compressor design reduces noise levels to as low as 76 dB(A).
  • Low service costs
    An innovative compressor design saves unnecessary service costs. All component parts are designed for a long service life. Quick access service points additionally allows servicing to be conducted with the minimum downtime and service costs.
  • Reduced running costs
    The L160 to L250 rotary screw compressors incorporate the DELCOS 3100 intelligent controller. The DELCOS control system ensures reliable operation and protects your investment by continuously monitoring the operational parameters, which is essential to reducing running costs.
  • Compact design
    A compact design reduces the space required for installation of the L series oil-injected rotary screw compressors.
  • Free of charge AssureTM extended warranty
    The CompAir AssureTM Warranty and Service programs will assure you up to 44,000 hours / 6 years (whichever is the soonest) peace of mind, and is one of the most generous warranties available in the industry. It is also totally free to the compressor owner (subject to Terms & Conditions).

Technical Data

  Compressor Model* Drive Motor
Free Air Delivered
Dimensions (mm) Noise level*** 
7.5 bar g 10 bar g 13 bar g Length Width Height
  L160 160 28.4 25.1 21.3 2800> 1920 2073 76 4060
  L200 200 36.6 31.0 27.2 2800 1920 2073 78 4500
42.7 38.0 33.2 2800 1920 2073 78 5030
  LV160 160 9.88-27.55 9.78-24.35 8.60-20.70 3579 1920 2073 81 4900
  LV200 200 9.64-35.50 9.74-30.07 9.20-26.40 3579 1920 2073 82 5400
  LV250 250 10.30-41.40 10.12-36.86 9.95-32.32 3579 1920 2073 82 5550

LV = Variable speed drive version
*Water cooled models available
**Data measured and stated in accordance with ISO 1217 Annex C and Pneurop / Cagi PN2CPTC2 and the following conditions:
Air Intake Pressure 1 bar a
Air Intake Temperature 20 °C
Humidity 0 % (Dry)
***Measured in free field conditions in accordance with the Pneurop / Cagi PN8TNC2.2 test code, + / – 3 dB
CompAir policy is one of continuous improvement and we therefore reserve the right to alter specifications and prices without prior notice. All products are sold subject to the Company’s conditions of sale.

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