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CompAir LB90 rotary screw compressorsRotary Screw Compressors
LB Series 55-90 kW

The LB series from CompAir represents a new generation of fixed speed rotary screw compressors, which incorporate the best of CompAir technology, design and quality, to deliver reliable, economical and efficient performance in a completely new package.

Available in air or water cooled versions, the LB55 to LB90 fixed speed rotary screw compressors have a power range of 55 to 90 kW and deliver high quality air at volumes of 9.5 to 15.3 m3/min, with a pressure range between 7 and 10 bar.

CompAir‘s commitment to quality ensures that the LB series offer the highest levels of reliability and performance with low operating costs throughout the compressors life.

Key Benefits

  • High reliability
    With direct or gear drive coupling, the belt free drive LB series fixed speed rotary screw compressors not only reduce transmission losses but improve efficiency and noise levels. For the end user this translates into improved efficiency, greater reliability and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Low noise levels
    The belt-free drive reduces noise vibrations making the LB series rotary screw compressors ideal for point of use applications.
  • Reduced power consumption
    The LB series fixed speed rotary screw compressors are fitted with a high efficiency TEFC IE2 electric motor as standard. This reduces not only power consumption but also CO2 emissions.
  • Maximum durability
    For maximum durability, only high quality materials are used in the manufacture of the LB series rotary screw compressors. This also maximises service life, keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.
  • Service friendly
    Service access is quick and easy with all doors able to be removed in seconds. Serviceable components are also easy to access making the LB series rotary screw compressors extremely service friendly.
  • Optimised compressor performance
    The LB series fixed speed rotary screw compressors are supplied with intelligent, fully electronic controllers with efficient monitoring and user-friendly touch screen panel. Precise operational control is essential to reduce running costs and with the DELCOS BD controller, compressor performance is always optimised to meet system demand.

Technical Data

  Compressor Model Motor Rating
Free Air Delivered
Dimensions (mm)
  Noise level** 
7 bar g 8 bar g 10 bar g
  LB55 55 10.7 10.5 9.5 2104 x 1300 x 1580 72 1400
  LB75 75 13.8 12.5 10.6 2104 x 1300 x 1580 74 1450
  LB90 90 15.3 14.9 13.8 2104 x 1300 x 1580 75 1500

*Measured and stated in accordance with ISO 1217 Annex C at the following conditions: Air Intake Pressure – 1 bar a (14.5 psi.a), Air Intake Temperature – 20°C (68°F), Humidity – 0% (dry), Cooling Water Inlet Temperature – 20°C (68°F), **+_3 dB(A).
CompAir policy is one of continuous improvement and we therefore reserve the right to alter specifications and prices without prior notice. All products are sold subject to the Company’s conditions of sale.

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