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CompAir Portable Compressors, C rangePortable Compressors
C Range 1.0-1.4 m3/min

CompAir has been designing and manufacturing high quality and efficient portable compressors for almost 200 years. The C10-12 to C14 models are no exception.

A powerful alternative to electrical tools, these smaller ‘single tool’ portable compressors provide a wide variety of users with a compact, manually transportable, efficient and reliable source of compressed air.

These Honda air cooled petrol engine portable compressors, generate 1.0-1.4 m3/min of air at 7-12 bar.

Key Benefits

  • Small & Compact
    Easy to transport, the C10-12 to C14 portable compressors are small, compact and lightweight at only 142 kg.
  • Easy to use
    With two starting options as standard – manual or electric start – these portable compressors are easy to use in all conditions.
  • Many options for many applications
    From the C14 model onwards, additional options (AirPlus) are available to meet the exact requirements of each application.

Technical Data

Product range DLT 0101
Type C10-12 C12-10 C14
Operational data
Volume flow1) m3/min 1.0 1.2 1.4
Operating pressure bar 12 10 7
Compressed air outlets 1 x 3/4″
Engine Honda Gx610V-Twin
Installed engine power kW 13.2
Engine off load speed 1/min 2200
Engine full load speed 1/min 2900
Fuel tank capacity l 20
Operating Weight2)
Portable compressor manually transportable kg 160
Width mm 700
Height mm 630
Length of canopy mm 1010
Sound level
Pressure sound level3) dB(A) LWA 97
Pressure sound level4) dB(A) LPA 69

1)Acc. to ISO 1217 Ed. 4 2009 Annex D
2)Operating weight without options
3)Legal limiting values of EC directive acc. to 2000 / 14 / EC
4)Noise level acc. to PNEUROP PN8NTC2.2 at 7 m

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