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C35-10-C50_1Portable Compressors
C Range 3.5-5.0 m3/min

The highly successful C35-10 – C50 CompAir range of portable compressors, are driven by a very quiet-running, water-cooled Yanmar diesel engine. The compressor is particularly suitable for applications where stringent noise emission restrictions are set, such as in cities and built-up areas.

With a light construction (the C38 and C42 are under 750 kg), these portable compressors are suitable for many different applications, making them ideal for use by hire companies.

Key Benefits

  • Extended engine life
    Soft start extends the engine life time by reducing engine stress during start-up and allowing the engine to reach running temperature with the compressor unloaded.
  • Easy maintenance
    The hinged hood with two robust gas struts is light and easy to open. This provides excellent accessibility for easy maintenance.
  • Many options for many applications
    These compact and lightweight portable compressors are available with various chassis and also with the option of integrated generator or aftercooler or both.

Technical Data

Product range DLT 0408
Type C35-10 C38 C42 C50
Operational data
Volume flow1)(Optional 9 or 15 kVA Generator) m3/min 3.5 3.8 4.2 5.0
Operating pressure bar 10 7 7 7
Compressed air outlets 2 x 3/4″
Engine Yanmar 4TNV88BKCP
Installed engine power kW 35.0
Engine off load speed 1/min 1600
Engine full load speed 1/min 2800
Fuel tank capacity l 60
Operating Weight2)
Portable compressor adjustable towbar braked kg 810 810 810 866
adjustable towbar unbraked kg 745
straight towbar braked kg 775 835
straight towbar unbraked kg 740 800
Base mount kg 685 780
Skid mount kg 740 800
Length adjustable towbar braked mm 3586-3797
straight towbar braked mm 3065
Width mm 1490
Height (adjustable towbar, braked) mm 1327
Length of canopy mm 1775
Sound level
Pressure sound level3) dB(A) LWA 98
Pressure sound level4) dB(A) LPA 69

1)Acc. to ISO 1217 Ed. 4 2009 Annex D
2)Operating weight without options
3)Legal limiting values of EC directive acc. to 2000 / 14 / EC
4)Noise level acc. to PNEUROP PN8NTC2.2 at 7 m

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