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VMAC PTO Air Compressor

VMAC PTO driven air compressors 1






VMAC’s DTM70 and DTM70-H are the world’s only direct-transmission mounted PTO driven air compressors and multi-power systems.

These PTO driven systems are the best choice for customers who are concerned with saving space and reducing weight on their service trucks. The DTM70 provides up to 70 CFM of air at 100 psi, at 100% duty cycle, while the DTM70-H provides up to 70 CFM of air at 100 psi and up to 14.9 GPM of hydraulic flow at 3,265 psi, dependent on engine RPM.

With VMAC Direct-Transmission™ PTO air compressor systems, you can choose the model that best works for your application, either with or without a hydraulic pump.