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Offshore Products

When you are on a platform miles from shore you need quality, reliable and high performance engineered products to keep your process running 24/7. Built to stand up to even the harshest and most hostile environments, each and every one of CompAir’s engineered offshore products is designed and constructed using decades of application experience. We take standard CompAir products and use smart technology to provide engineered offshore products, constructed to customer specifications. This means that if there is ever an issue with the controller, drive or air end, no matter where in the world you are, standard CompAir parts can be purchased from your local CompAir dealer and any qualified CompAir service dealer will be able to provide service support. Through the use of intelligent design, extensive product development and engineering, CompAir is setting the new standard for compressed air equipment for hazardous area applications. Using IEC Ex certified electrical components and equipment enables CompAir to provide IEC Ex electrical compliance to Zone 2 as a minimum. Optional electrical compliance to Zone 1 is also available depending on the application and environmental operating conditions. All of the CompAir engineered offshore products are available with a wide range of options to meet each customer’s application requirements as well as weather protection options for harsh outdoor environments. As every engineer knows, to deliver a complete compressed air system you need far more than just a compressor. With the backing of decades of application and engineering experience, CompAir also has the resources and expertise to deliver the most complex of ancillary packages. To learn more about some of the standard CompAir equipment that can be engineered for your specific offshore requirements click on one of the links below.