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Delcos_1Compressor Controller
Delcos 3100

At the heart of the CompAir range of offshore compressor products is the Delcos 3100 intelligent compressed air controller.

From CompAir’s standard compressor controller range, the Delcos 3100 is a proven performer with thousands of units installed globally, backed by CompAir’s international technical support and after sales support network.

Eliminating the need for installation of a separate master controller, the Delcos 3100 compressor controller enables lead/lag management and duty selection when using up to 5 units in a base load sequencing system.

Key Benefits

  • Numerous standard features
    Offering a variety of standard features that others call extras, the Delcos 3100 compressed air controller includes; RS485 – Modbus RTU, base load compressor sequencing, automatic duty sequencing, remote start/stop, air/oil temperature display, total hours run and loaded hours, service due indicator, fault log monitor, auto restart on power failure and status indication.
  • Transparent operation
    System set up and operating modes can be seen and changed via the clear and easy to use display, providing the operator with full status indication.
  • Optimised performance
    The Delcos 3100 controller ensures that the compressors performance is always optimised to meet system demand.
  • Reduced running costs
    To protect your investment and ensure reliable operation, the Delcos control system continuously monitors the operational parameters – essential to reducing running costs.
  • Optimised energy usage
    Where multiple compressors are being used, installing an intelligent compressed air controller is one option that could assist in reducing energy consumption and the associated energy costs.

Technical Data

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